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BASIX, Nathers & Energy Efficient Design

Plan Vision has been operating in the Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast areas since 1994, and we have completed over 3000 projects, for additions, new homes and unit and dual occupancy development.

For all these developments, and also for existing houses we can complete:

  1. BASIX Assessments & Certification.
  2. Nather Assessment & Certification.
  3. Household Energy Use Advice & Reports.
  4. Passive Solar Design & Advice.
  5. Energy Efficient Design & Advice.
  6. Dwelling Thermal Performance Advice & Reports.

We can also provide the plans and design, or just complete the Nathers or BASIX Certification for your project based on plans by others.

We can complete the Nathers Certification, BASIX Certification, design or advice on a range of different types of projects including:

  1. Additions & Alterations;
  2. New Homes (any size);
  3. Dual Occupancy Development;
  4. Unit Developments (any number of units).

Mark from the Plan Vision office has a Certificate IV in Nathers Assessment, and is Accredited with the BDAV for Nathers Assessment.

Please fill out the form below or give us a call to organise a time for a free, no-obligation quote and advice. Our friendly team will be happy to hear from you.


  • What is the general process for my project?

    Depending on the type of work you would like completed, the process would include us providing a quote for the project (which is based on the size of the proposal and what is involved, so every job is a little different), and then complete the assessment or report.

  • What is the general time frame?

    This depends a little on the size of the report or assessment, but a general time frame is provided below for most average sized developments:

    1. BASIX Assessment & Certification - 1-2 Weeks.
    2. Nathers Assessment & Certification - 1-2 Weeks.
    3. BASIX Assessment & Certification with Nathers for Thermal Performance - 2 Weeks.
    4. Household Energy Use Report - 2-4 Weeks.
    5. Energy Efficient Design Process - Varies (as will depend on the size of the development).
  • How much does the process cost?

    This depends on the size of the development and what needs to occur in the report or assessment. An average price for most small to medium developments is provided below. For large additions or homes, or for dual occupancy or unit development, the price would be on application.

    1. Additions & Alterations BASIX Assessment & Certification Only - $300 + GST.
    2. New Dwelling BASIX Assessment & Certification Only - $400 + GST.
    3. New Dwelling Nathers Assessment & Certification Only - $400 + GST.
    4. New Dwelling BASIX & Nathers Combined - $600 + GST.
    5. Additions & Alterations Household Energy Use Report - $900 + GST.
    6. Existing Dwelling Household Energy Use Report - $1200 + GST.
    7. Dual Occupancies - Contact Our Office.
    8. Unit Developments - Contact Our Office.
    9. Large Dwellings or Additions - Contact Our Office.
  • What do I need before starting?

    All we really need to get started is a copy of your plans in PDF format. We can then provide the assessment & certification that you need, and provide advice if required.

  • What do I need to do?

    After providing us with your plans, we will let you know if we need anything further from you. In most cases, if you are just after a BASIX or Nathers Assessment to be completed and pass, we won't need anything further from you, unless we have some trouble getting it to rate well. In this case, we will provide different options that can be installed to bring it up to standard.

  • What is BASIX & Nathers?

    BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) is a planning measure introduced by the the Government to deliver equitable, effective water and greenhouse gas reductions across the state.

    BASIX applies to all residential dwelling types and is part of the development application process in NSW. It is assessed online using the BASIX Assessment Tool, with the tool checking elements of a proposed design against sustainability targets. These targets need to be met and documentation showing this submitted with your application to Council.

    Nathers (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) is a star rating system (out of ten) that rates the energy efficiency of a home, based on its design. While Nathers is not a requirement for applications to Council, it can be used as the thermal assessment portion of the BASIX certificate, and generally gives a better performance result that the BASIX tool itself. It can also be completed on it's own to assess a dwellings thermal performance.

    Generally, additions & alterations will just have a BASIX Assessment completed, whereas new homes, dual occupancies and units will complete a BASIX Assessment, and a Nathers Assessment for the thermal performance part of the BASIX, as this provides a better overall result. The BASIX Certificate will still cover Water-Use and Energy Efficiency.

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